Welcome to Legend Loom, where the digital becomes physical and your favorite D&D and wargame heroes and stories transform into unique 3D miniatures.

We, Boris and Yulia, founders of both Legend Loom and 3dartdigital, proudly present our new venture. Our goal goes beyond crafting 3D models. We're passionate about enriching the worlds of D&D and wargames, providing unique stories and free scenarios to immerse you further into these realms.

What sets us apart? Attention to detail, sculpting expertise, understanding of anatomy, and a rich backstory for each character. We don't just create miniatures - we forge narratives that resonate with every gamer's heart.

Legend Loom is a place where your digital heroes become tangible, physical objects, where 3D printing evolves from a mere process into an enthralling journey. Join us and step into a world where imagination becomes reality!

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