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"Take part in our Kickstarter project to make this epic adventure come alive! By contributing, you're not just buying a product, but you're helping bring an imaginative world to life. Your support will enable us to create detailed, digitally handcrafted miniatures, immersive storytelling, and captivating gameplay. With your help, the Mirror of Infinity's saga can continue to unfold, and you can be part of the journey to restore balance to the world. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure through parallel dimensions and times. Let's shape this story together! "

Begin your journey with the 'Mirror of Infinity'

The Mirror of Infinity, the most powerful of all mirrors, has been shattered, and its fragments scattered throughout the Labyrinth. This has led to chaos in time and space. The heroes must gather all the fragments to restore the Mirror and bring order back to the world. The first step of their epic journey will lead them to the mysterious and dark Shadow Lands, a place where shadows become powerful artifacts and where they will face their first great challenge.

"Join us on this epic quest to restore order and save the Labyrinth. Be part of the journey from the start and witness the birth of a whole new world of fantasy and adventure."

Begin your journey with the 'Mirror of Infinity'

The Rise of the Shadow Dragon

Shadow Lands: Your First Adventure in a World Where Shadows Become Artifacts

"Deep within unexplored dimensions, where the sun's rays barely penetrate the eternal twilight, lie the Shadow Lands. This is a place where shadows are not just ephemeral reflections, but living entities that determine the life of every inhabitant. Your team of brave adventurers from the Mirror Labyrinth decides to step into this mysterious land in search of the shards of the Mirror of Infinity. But the Shadow Lands are gripped by their own threat - the seal holding the Shadow Dragon is beginning to weaken. Your heroes must not only find the shards of the Mirror, but also learn how to strengthen the seal and prevent the return of the Shadow Dragon."

The Rise of the Shadow Dragon

Seal of the Shadow Dragon: The Time of Heroes Has Come!

The ancient dragon is sealed deep within the Shadow Lands. Its seal is weakening, and the shadows are becoming aggressive. Heroes, gather the artifacts, strengthen the seal, and stop the return of the Shadow Dragon.

Shadows of Great Warriors: The Secret of the Shadow Lands

In the Shadows of Great Warriors, where legends reside, A quest beckons you to take up the ride. The Secret of the Shadow Lands, a mystery concealed, A destiny awaits, soon to be revealed. Gather ancient artifacts, face the Dragon's shade, Uncover truths hidden, where memories won't fade. Join us on this journey, where shadows intertwine, Embrace the legend, for the secret's yours to find.

Shadows of Great Warriors: The Secret of the Shadow Lands

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Special Offer: FREE Red Dragon Demon!

Support us on the first day and receive an exclusive 3D model of the Red Dragon Demon! This amazing miniature, prepared for 3D printing, is a unique blend of dragon and demon, and will make a great addition to your Shadow Lands collection. But hurry - this offer is only valid on the first day of our campaign!


Step into the spotlight with an array of distinct characters, each with their own unique story.



Open New Horizons

Your contribution helps us expand the boundaries of the Shadows Lands. With every goal reached, we unveil new locations for exploration and battles. Become a part of our adventure and help us unravel all the mysteries of this world!

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Strength, Courage, Inspiration

This miniature is our personal tribute and support to the Ukrainian people, who stand in defense of their lands. Created with love and pride, it symbolizes the indomitable spirit of Ukraine and is available exclusively on Kickstarter. The miniature comes with two bases for diverse gameplay. We stand in solidarity with those who have suffered, hoping that our work will help lift morale and draw attention to this important issue.

"Death's shadow, shallow, I don't dread; it's life without love's fiery thread, Without friends, no amends, no tales spun, no stories said, That chills the heart, tears apart, leaves a void, an empty space, For it's love and lore, friends and more, that give our fleeting life its grace."

Liriel Heart of the Wind is a half-elf who possesses not only outer beauty but also inner strength. He aspires to perform feats not just for glory, but to win the hearts of beautiful ladies. He is a romantic at heart, and his actions are always directed towards protecting the innocent and aiding those who need it…


"Death's shadow, shallow, I don't dread; it's life without love's fiery thread,
Without friends, no amends, no tales spun, no stories said,
That chills the heart, tears apart, leaves a void, an empty space,
For it's love and lore, friends and more, that give our fleeting life its grace."


"Our miniatures are not just game pieces. They are heroes and monsters, imbued with deep stories and legends. Discover the world of the Shadow Lands, where every shadow tells its own story…"

3D Printing at Your Fingertips: Your World, Your Rules



Join us and unlock access to even more content. Help us reach our stretch goals to encounter new heroes, monsters, and additional exciting adventures.


Join us and help uncover every corner of this captivating world. Together we can bring even more heroes and their stories to life

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform where people can support projects they like in exchange for unique rewards. It's a place where creators can present their ideas to the public and secure funding to bring them to life.
The Shadows Lands is our unique project to create a collection of miniature figures in digital format, complete with an extensive background and universe where each character has their own story and connections with other heroes and monsters.
Our miniatures are provided in STL format, prepared for 3D printing.
We plan to start shipping the miniature files within a few weeks after the completion of the Kickstarter campaign. The basic and advanced sets are already prepared and will be shipped as soon as possible, while the stretch goals will be shipped as they become ready.
Yes, since our products are in digital format, we can ship them to backers anywhere in the world.
Due to the nature of crowdfunding campaigns, we cannot offer returns or exchanges after the Kickstarter campaign has ended. However, we always strive to ensure high quality of our product and in case of any issues we will work with you to find a solution.
STL files are a file format used in 3D printing. They contain information about a three-dimensional model that can be printed on a 3D printer. To use an STL file, you need access to a 3D printer and a slicing program, which can convert the STL file into instructions for your 3D printer.
Yes, STL files can be edited in specialized 3D modeling programs. However, be aware that some changes might affect the print quality.
The choice of material for 3D printing depends on the type of your 3D printer. The most common materials for FDM printers are PLA and ABS. However, our miniatures are optimized for printing on DLP/SLA printers that use photopolymer resins. These materials provide the best detail quality and allow our miniatures to fully realize their potential.
Unfortunately, we do not provide educational materials on 3D printing, but there are many resources and communities online that can help you get started. We recommend looking for guides or courses on platforms like YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, and others.
We are always happy to help our backers! You can contact us through Kickstarter by sending us a message, or you can email us at the address listed in our profile.
The use of our STL files for printing and selling miniatures is not permitted. Our files are intended for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes without our permission.
Our STL files are copyright protected and cannot be sold, passed on, or distributed without our permission. Please respect our rights and the work we have put into creating these miniatures.
If you want to use our miniatures in a commercial project or product, please contact us to discuss licensing terms and permission. We are always open to collaborations and discussing partnership possibilities.
Yes, you can scale the models in any 3D printing preparation software, but keep in mind that this could affect the level of detail and the quality of the final result.
Yes, after the Kickstarter campaign is over, our models will become available for purchase on our website or other official sales outlets. However, special offers or exclusive models may only be available during the Kickstarter campaign.


Welcome to Legend Loom, where the digital becomes physical and your favorite D&D and wargame heroes and stories transform into unique 3D miniatures.

We, Boris and Yulia, founders of both Legend Loom and 3dartdigital, proudly present our new venture. Our goal goes beyond crafting 3D models. We're passionate about enriching the worlds of D&D and wargames, providing unique stories and free scenarios to immerse you further into these realms.

What sets us apart? Attention to detail, sculpting expertise, understanding of anatomy, and a rich backstory for each character. We don't just create miniatures - we forge narratives that resonate with every gamer's heart.

Legend Loom is a place where your digital heroes become tangible, physical objects, where 3D printing evolves from a mere process into an enthralling journey. Join us and step into a world where imagination becomes reality!

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